Doctor Spreadsheet is a one of a kind, customized consulting service that specializes in providing business intelligence solutions using Excel.

Offering a rare combination of creativity and analytical abilities, Doctor Spreadsheet develops to the client’s exact specifications and organizational needs. We create, build, modify, fix, tweak, streamline, develop, program, automate, format, import, export and educate about all things Excel. For home, office, organizational, non-profit, sports, hobbies, health/fitness or any/all other spreadsheet needs, Doctor Spreadsheet is truly best in class.

Since 2004 we have provided the finest Excel Consulting services to individuals and companies of all sizes that span thousands of different industries. Our Excel Expert applies this invaluable experience to deliver perfectly suited Excel Solutions. From simple formulas or a quick question, to larger more complex Excel projects, to Fully Automated Excel Workbooks… “Talk To The Doc”!