“…contacted nine different numbers before reaching a live person, You (Doctor Spreadsheet) answered right away and were anxious to help. You were cordial, professional and excited about getting the job done. It took just a few minutes to explain what I was trying to accomplish and for you to decide what needed to be done.”
—A.H. Frank, SolarizedSystems

“I was delightlfully surprised to immediately get a response from someone that speaks English and understands American business.”
—Jeff Brooks, Boca Raton, Florida

“This spreadsheet is beyond what I could have imagined on my own and I’m very thankful for your expertise! It is really something else. You should have seen the first bare bones version I’ve been using for the last three years to do my own budgeting!”
—Jillian Beirne, Independent Financial Consultant

“…are you serious? I had no idea that Excel could even do that. This is going to save some serious time! We had been doing it manually, each one by hand for years.”
—Sarah McCormack, Boston, Mass