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Excel Consulting Need Excel Consulting? Do you have business or home processes that could be more streamlined? Are you stressed about how much there is to do in your home and/or business life? Want a centralized point of control for all the important business metrics of your organization? Doctor Spreadsheet offers the finest Business Consulting services for both on-site and virtual consulting.
Excel Developer Need an Excel Developer? The most experienced and skilled Excel developer in the industry is available to asses, plan and develop your custom Excel solution. Excel projects are scoped thoroughly and a consultation is held to assure the solution is a fit for you before any work is started. Over 13 years of Spreadsheet Development experience and thousands of Spreadsheet solutions later, we are proud to be the gold standard in Excel Development. Our work plays an integral role for many organizations and our tools are often at the core of their business intelligence.
Excel Models Excel Modeling is our specialty. Things change and things stay the same… and our experts understand the exact nature of both. Assembling an Excel Model is a true science that marries the variable with the static. From Lemonade Stands to Real Estate, Excel Modeling is a perfect way to get a picture of your organization past, present and future. Our Excel models have helped countless organizations reduce risk, cut costs and eliminate inefficiencies.
Excel Spreadsheets Need a Spreadsheet? Have a Spreadsheet that is broken or corrupted? Want to improve your existing spreadsheets? Our business is our name, Doctor Spreadsheet truly is a spreadsheet specialist.
Excel Automation Tired or repetitive tasks? Have you ever done the same process on a computer more than once. Are you responsible for the distribution, maintenance or development of spreadsheets. Doctor Spreadsheet is able to automate most every computer task imaginable. Anything that can be done using your computer keyboard can be automated. Speak with us today to find out how to put your office on autopilot.
Excel Training Need Excel Help? Doctor Spreadsheet is the industry leader in one-on-one and group/corporate spreadsheet training. We offer best in class on-line conference based Excel Training for any size group all across the globe. We also provide on-site training from basic to advanced Excel concepts and practices. Contact us today to set up a training session with the best in the business, Doctor Spreadsheet himself.
Excel Reporting WHEN, WHERE, WHO, WHAT, WHY and… WHAT NEXT? Doctor Spreadsheet delivers high impact Excel Reporting services to get the answers you want form your business data. The ability to track and collect valuable organization data is the key to making current and future decisions. Excel Reporting is the means to analyze these critical answers in order to guide your organizational goals and strategies. Contact Doctor Spreadsheet today to inquire about how our Excel Reporting services can better your business.
Excel Programming Need a custom Ap? Need customized software that is not “Canned” or “Out of a Box”? Doctor Spreadsheet Excel Programming services are respected worldwide. The advantage to using Doctor Spreadsheet is his unique experience and the evolution of his skills. Our technical skills are rooted in the existing functionality and capabilities of the native Excel Application. Our programming expertise capitalizes on that technical knowledge to apply the most efficient and complete programming solution to meet the requirements. Our Excel Programming is rigorously tested across multiple scenarios to assure the highest quality solution.
Excel Charts Give your data a visual impact. The brain can often better precept presented information when it is delivered graphically. It only takes a few dozen records of data to put the analyst or manager into data overload, allowing them virtually no benefit from a spreadsheet. Using Excel Charts to summarize like data and dynamically presenting data scenarios are what Doctor Spreadsheet does best. Call or email to see a sample of our amazing Excel Charts.
Custom Charts Need a chart that doesn’t exist in the pre-defined Excel Chart templates (Pie Chart, Line Chart, Scatter, Bar Chart… etc). Any chart imaginable is now possible through Doctor Spreadsheet. Contact us to inquire about customized Excel Charts and find out how to bring your one of a kind ideas to life.
Excel Macros Need a simple macro? Need a complicated macro? Doctor Spreadsheet Excel Macro services can help. From one step macros (print this file automatically) to complex procedures (Open a web page, log in, copy some data, open my spreadsheet, sort and organize the data, save and close the spreadsheet, close the web page). Anything related to spreadsheets, we can certainly write a macro to automate Excel.
Excel VBA Need Excel VBA? What is Excel VBA? Why Excel VBA? Personal computers are worldwide and so is Excel. Using spreadsheets and Excel VBA as a development platform and programming language provides an immensely rich development environment, an empty slate drawing layer for graphical user interfacing, readily available database features and table structures, as well as very powerful statistical, mathematical and other invaluable analytical tools.
Excel Dashboards Need Dynamic Executive Reports? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a centralized “one stop shop” to access the most critical business metrics? Doctor Spreadsheet can help you develop dynamic dashboards for use in business and home management systems. We can even connect to external data or use outputs from third party software. Contact us to find see some of the captivating dashboards we have developed for our clients.
Excel Forms Quickly input your business data with a customized Doctor Spreadsheet Excel Form. Input, Collect and Store important information that is instantly accessible for summary and review. We specialize in delivering seamless data entry, assisted input fields and smart menus. One click report writing and distribution is a snap with Doctor Spreadsheet. Call now to find out how to make your company’s fingers work smarter.
Excel Data Family birthdays, anniversaries, to do lists, inventories, the lists go on and on. Virtually everything can be reduced to data elements all the way from human behavior to the weather. There is no better way to capture, store, organize, summarize and distribute valuable data than Excel Data services from Doctor Spreadsheet. Best practices and sound back-up strategies are only part of our wide range of Excel data solutions.
Excel Pivot Tables Need a pivot Table? What is a Pivot Table? We can help with both. Pivot Tables are arguably the most powerful means of summarizing and analyzing that Excel has to offer. Do you have a large amount of data that you need to analyze? Need to crunch some numbers? Doctor Spreadsheet is an Excel Pivot Table expert and can educate you in just a few keystrokes how to be a pivot table master.
I Pad Spreadsheets Sexy spreadsheets meet ultimate functionality with Doctor Spreadsheet services for the I-Pad. All the components of your desktop spreadsheets can now be utilized on your I-Pad. Doctor Spreadsheet is a pioneer in touchscreen spreadsheets, contact us to learn more.
Mobile Spreadsheets Need a spreadsheet on the go? Want to be more efficient regardless of physical context? Contact us today to find out how to migrate your spreadsheet files and automated solutions to your mobile device. Although there are a million Aps available for purchase, the vast majority of functions in today’s Ap market are already available out of the box with Excel.