Just How Tiny Are We Talking?

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That’s a personal question, a fitting one at that. I don’t want to be too hard on the data collector just yet. It makes more sense to ease into this slowly.

DoctorSpreadshet.com Excel Guru

What a pretty way to visualize a terrible effort.

PowerPivot and Excel have allowed me to capture and visualize some pretty cool tiny data. In this case, I am afraid it is too tiny. The tinyReportCard is trying to tell me something. There is a clear cliff in the areas that are being tracked. I am practically the poster boy for diligence right up until my last five areas. What went wrong? Why the steep decline in tracking for those areas? Perhaps the better question is… Why so strong a performance in my perfect areas?

Groundhog Day Eve

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Great movie… bizarre tradition. I’d like to start a few traditions of my own, daily tracking traditions to be exact.

TinyData Collection Goals

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This will be a test of will and determination, grit and resolve… wait… is that ROMANCE on the menu for February? This just might be fun!

The Month In Tiny Review

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Rack ‘Em Up… that’s typically how you start a game of billiards. In my case, it’s the end of a journey and the start of another. A metaphor for today, the final day of January. I managed to snag some Tiny Data along the way.

DoctorSpreadsheet.com PowerPivot Professional

It may make more sense in relation to some other Tiny Data.

DoctorSpreadsheet.com Data Analyst

Looks like a serious dip in November. What the??? Bicycle got repossessed? Too many points on your bicycle license? Lazy legs?

Hold up. Let’s stick to collecting some Tiny Data before we make any assumptions. The data is not going anywhere. My only assumption…

I certainly could have gathered better data. Sounds like a February challenge…

Start With One Number

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26 Degrees Fahrenheit to be specific. One data point. I can manage that in my head. It’s cold outside.

DoctorSpreadsheet.com Excel Consultant

DoctorSpreadsheet.com Excel Consultant

My head however is not the proper place to manage even a single point. Where there is one data point… others will follow. It would be convenient to provide the data point and receive invaluable information in return.

Like, perhaps… What in the world would I suit-up in to ride my bicycle in 26 degree weather comfortably?

2015 The Year of Tiny Data

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DoctorSpreadsheet Excel Expert

I ride to spreadsheet, literally. I ride to live, passionately. I ride for betterment, emphatically. Let’s get some some Tiny Data and have the best year ever.

A Vision of Doctor Spreadsheet

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The name certainly evokes an image. Long white lab coat, keen observation, clipboard in hand, stethoscope draped across the shoulders… ready to asses your spreadsheet’s condition no matter how serious. A seasoned Excel Expert and Excel Developer offering fair and honest evaluations, no waiting rooms, digital house calls and instant answers to guide the wisest possible decisions for your spreadsheet’s health.
Often the subject is in perfect condition, the spreadsheet merely needs a checkup and a slight adjustment to diet. Many are ailing, disconnected from their source, trying to do too much with an improper build. They grow too fast and their systems can’t effectively function. There are of course the rare and frightening, critically wounded spreadsheets. Seen limping into view or more often locked in stillness, these files are no more than a broken shell of their former selves.

When Doctor Spreadsheet sees someone fall, he extends a hand to help them up and declares, “I have a Spreadsheet for that.”

For every organization, for every individual, for every list and for every decision there is a spreadsheet. For every creative idea and cherished memory, there is a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are for everything and everyone.